Escape from the noisy bustle streets of city Sochi and find yourself in cozy cafe by the sea - what could be better, especially in the summer!

A terrace cafe known by each inhabitant as the Del Mar, reflecting both its excellent location and characteristics of the offered cuisine, rightfully occupies a leading position in the ranking of cafes of Sochi. This is not just a place for tasty food and attentive service - it is a small oasis of cool in a large and busy city!

A carefully selected staff and highly experienced chefs have helped us to achieve the perfect combination - quality modern service and traditional, time-tested and generations cuisine...

Del Mar Cafe offers holidays by the sea - the dream of every person! Sounds of the sea, the heady smell of salt water, sun glare and splashes of emerald drops - all this, in addition to delicious cuisine. Thanks to its special location right in the center of the Sochi waterfront, views of the sea from each table.

Del Mar Cafe - a popular holiday destination for the youth of the city of Sochi, the older generation, and a large number of visitors of the city, to taste Mediterranean cuisine under accompaniment of sound of waves.. Del Mar - pleasing its visitors since 2008, and deservedly confident has the status of the best cafe in Sochi.

Italian and Japanese cuisines are the most popular in the world today. They are represented by a variety of classical and traditional specialties. Here you can taste the delicate pasta, fragrant pizza, grilled meat and vegetables cooked in a special process on hot stones, as well as mouth-watering rolls and sushi.

We are also proud of our wine list and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages from around the world. We also take care in providing an interesting selection of cocktails, and for younger visitors - and you can always find a real ice cream here. We have also solved the eternal problem of parents - how to feed the child. With our children's menu, it will be surprisingly easy, because a child can’t help but try a alphabet soup- and design their own pizza!

In addition to all these benefits,, Del Mar Cafe is also known by its regular customers as a convenient internet cafe, with free Wi-Fi. Without a doubt, this is a huge plus. People used to be in touch on social networks around the clock, and every other person has a smartphone. This service is particularly relevant for those who like to combine business with pleasure, and do not forget about work even being on vacation. A business lunch or dinner in a relaxed atmosphere in the cafe on the waterfront and free access to the World Wide Web makes Del Mar attractive place, including for business people.

It is quite possible to find an inexpensive cafe in Sochi with excellent cuisine, even despite the fact that in general, Sochi can be rather expensive city. We have learned to combine incongruous and shown that it is not necessary to pay large sums for quality and healthy cuisine. Prices in the cafe are quite affordable, service is excellent and the meals are superb.

In addition to attractive pricing policy, our main rule is the freshness of the prepared food and its ingredients. Absolutely every dish from the menu is prepared exclusively on order. Our chefs are not only skilled, but also creative, so each dish is always a little aesthetic masterpiece.

At the Del Mar cafe we are always happy to meet regulars and new guests!

Welcome back!